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Marsh Industrial Warehousing currently provides over 1,000,000 square feet of public and contract warehouse space for merchandise ranging from industrial goods to food products. We are located in the heart of the United States in the west-central portion of Kentucky, between Nashville, Tennessee and Evansville, Indiana. Our Elkton, Kentucky facility is located 15 miles west of Russellville, Kentucky and 40 miles west of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

We have extensive experience in shipping to major retailers locally as well as nationwide and complying with their guidelines. We offer a wide range of value-added services such as warehousing, trucking, shuttle runs, cross docking, shipping/receiving, production and light assembly just to name a few. We can customize our services to meet the customer’s requirements. Examples of some products that we have handled include but are not limited to the following: rubber mulch, auto/truck/trailer parts, lawnmowers, pre-packaged fuel products, steel coils, aluminum coils, boxes, wood products and food containers.

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Marsh іѕ a full ѕеrvісе warehousing company; оur аіm іѕ tо gіvе the bеѕt to оur clients аt an аffоrаblе рrісе. We аrе working to continuously improve оur ѕеrvісеѕ to thе hіghеѕt ѕtаndаrdѕ. Thank you for your business!

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